is a part of G.M.M., LLC/ is founded by Chicago native — former traditional print journalist, and Philly rapper, Kenyetta ‘Native’ Mckinney, MA, & the music journalism team who brought to the Internet the Grind Mode Movement. Grind Mode Radio (before podcasts), & Grind Mode Magazine in 2003 – innovators of one of the first of its kind celebrity page-turn (flip) online magazines (which was built from scratch). Grind Mode Magazine featured hundreds of emerging and mainstream urban artists, as well as DJs over the years while cultivating strong relationships with publicists and record labels as they stayed true to the ‘culture.’ McKinney accredits UK DJ and writer, Tom ‘Slim’ Clover for playing a significant role in the evolution of the Grind Mode Movement. is a music hub providing carefully curated content, original resources, and sponsored online courses for musicians to help elevate their careers (for up-and-coming musicians). It is also a hub for music lovers to congregate to find all the latest music in one place. It is a music engine discovery platform of what is hot now. It is also a viable platform for musicians to be easily noticed by music lovers who are looking to connect to the latest celeb news (we’ve taken it a step further and curate all news from social media sources), videos, and music of some of their favorite musicians — past and present.


This DOPE movement heavily caters to Hip-Hop and R&B (signed and unsigned, known and unknown), because that is where they left off with their Grind Mode Movement; however, they also feature Pop, Grime, Reggae, & Alternative/Indie artists, too. ALL music resources apply to musicians in ANY genre. ‘DOPE’ is a word that has stood the test of time from generations-to-generations, and that is what they intend to do with their movement (continually stand the test of time and evolve)!