The Power Of Music (And How It Can Work For You)

Do you ever think about how much of a role music plays in your life?

Maybe you are the sort of person who can’t go anywhere without a pair of headphones or some music in your car, or perhaps you automatically switch on the radio, stream some music or even play a record as soon as you wake up in the morning?

Even if you don’t think you listen to a lot of music, you will find it is everywhere in your life. Whether that is the music you hear when watching the TV or a movie, or the music that is played on stores or at the mall.

While music is everywhere in our modern-day lives, there is real power in sound too. The wrong sort of music can put you in a bad mood, while other songs could have you reminiscing on some good times.

Songs can lift you up or calm you down. Sports stars often listen to music to get them pumped up before they compete or hit the field of play while, on the other end of the spectrum, many people play music to their babies to help them go to sleep.

Music is also an important part of special events, whether that is a high-school prom or wedding reception, it is hard to imagine these gatherings without music.

Of course, live music is another powerful way in which artists engage with their fans – delivering emotion and power through performance.

But, what has this all got to do with you as a musician?

Have you ever thought about how your fans will hear your music and what sort of events or emotions your music captures?

Making party records is one example of a sound designed for a particular setting, but just imagine if your song was picked up by a major movie, used in advertising or became a staple of the wedding scene?

Now that is power – and potentially profit too!

HDBeenDope – 20k

Phyno – Oso Ga Eme