Smino – Reverend (Official Music Video)

Smino – Reverend (Official Music Video)


Director: @Topshotta
Production Company: @fax.ny
Producer: Boipelo Molwela
Production assistant: Lodewicus Thabang & Neyo Thando Maponya
Camera Assitant: Warren Soqinase
Colorist: Craig Simonetti

I halt
Had to stop
Had 2 look 2 my right

I walked round da room
it was klear as sprite

Errbody ridin ain’t gone steer ya right
Ya can’t help nobody less yo spirit right

And that’s some shit I learned my self aw
I touch that water feel like rev run
My money long and my hair long

I walked in bitch like I bought it
Dis floss I inherited they neva taught it
I fuck up her frontal she roll like da fronto
I’m bringing da gold to da arch no McDonald’s
Lately been missin my area
Dun got Carryed away
Keep sumn very strong in my carry on
Like fuck Dey gone say?

Hand me my keys
Hand me my keys
Keys keys keys

Run me my fee
I need that capeshe?

Wheel clutch gas
All I wanna do accelerate
Keep da family straight
I couldn’t put dis shit a better way

Course I found da loopholes
Learned dat from da Lou Hoe
Fool for that pink thang drank
Luh baby nuvo

Jus did 50000 tickets worldwide
Girl bye
I block ya
Dis my daddy house
I’m rashad

Onemonasmi yea
Pockets on madea
Make ya bish say hellerrr
Pull up inna fuckin vert
Pussy pop like a uzi
Okay Andale
Andale Eva
She lick my dick through my Levis.
She sucked my dick through my Dickies.
I hop dat (huh)
never forget me
She shake it like the heebeegeebees.
That ass heavy like Rikishi
I roll that Kiesha, Kiesha, Kiesha
She play that tony, tony, tony
I said okay
Thick bitch wanna play rough
(wanna play rough?)
I’m up.
This just regular stuff.
(It is!)
Then I got in that thing, went stupid.
She said “who the fuck you think you is?”
Mister sold out in the whole U.S.
Then I told her “goodnight”


I halt
had to stop
had to look to my right.
(I looked)
I walked ‘round the room it was clear as Sprite.
Everybody ridin’ ain’t gon’ steer you right.
You can’t heal nobody ‘less your spirit’s right
(Noo, no.)
And as I sit I let myself up
(As I sit I let myself up)
I touch that water, feel like rev run.
(water feel like rev run)
The money long and my hair long.

I talk to your bitch like I love her
I don’t really love her
I just wanna fuck her.
I’m rushin’
I’m rushin’
I feel like Chris tucker
I’m rushin’
I feel like a
Russian Cream.
(Aye, aye, aye get the fuck out bro)
(Ohh shit that nigga here rappin)
(You know what the fuck goin’ on baby)

#Smino #Reverend #ZeroFatigue

We Feel You, Fab!

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