Planning Your Music Business Success

A lot of people talk about how you need to ‘see’ your success for it to happen.

Whether they are talking about having a positive mental attitude (which helps) or some deeper more religiously grounded belief, there is no doubt that imagining your success can be a useful mental exercise.

However, unless you act on your dreams you won’t make them come true.

Sitting at home and not doing anything to push yourself forward won’t cut it.

Your success won’t magically appear.

But, at the same time, you don’t want to waste your efforts going in the wrong direction or struggling to make something work on your own.

This is where planning comes in.

Creating a business plan, deciding how to market yourself, and maybe even looking at starting your own record label as opposed to getting signed are all things to consider when planning your career in music.

You will have legal considerations too – what about copyright on your music, do you want a manager or need an accountant to help you? How much of a budget do you have to spend on your music career?

Your plan may simply to get yourself noticed and signed, allowing you to rely on the resources and skills of a record label. Of course, your returns won’t be as good, with more people taking their cut from your record sales, so you will need to weigh this against the work of going independent.

Having a career in music is different from having a hobby making music. There is nothing wrong with just enjoying your hobby, but if you want a career, you need to work out how you will make money.

Also, have you ever really thought about what success looks like to you?

You may have dreams of private jets and mansions across the world, but, in reality, would you be happy with a decent income and a place of your own?

Planning to succeed in the music business is all about understanding your destination and then working back through the steps of how to get there.

Without a plan you are, at best, flailing in the dark in the hope of hitting something. With a plan, you can at least see which direction you need to go.

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