Making Music and the CoronaVirus

As the world remains in the grip of the coronavirus, you may feel that you haven’t got the inclination to make music.

Staying at home certainly makes some things musicians usually take for granted difficult.

Meeting up with fellow musicians, playing live shows, or going to the studio are all out right now.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to put a stop to your music – in fact, footage from around the world has shown how music has helped to bring people together right now; whether it is people banding together on video calls to play music and sing together, or the scenes from Italy where people kept spirits up by playing music together from their balconies.

Despite the restrictions, you can still keep working on your craft and your career. Of course, you can write music or practice your craft while you are at home alone. But you can also jump online and hook up with other musicians there. Indeed, with so many musicians doing just that, now could be a good time to make some new connections!

Right now might also be a good time to improve your knowledge – why not check out some of our musician resource articles right here on DopeMusicHub or get researching a new style or technique?

Alternatively, you could help others through the current situation by giving them some new music to listen to while they are staying at home. Not only is that a good way to bring something positive to a bad situation, but it might just also win you some new fans!

Whatever you are doing, please stay safe and follow the advice to avoid transmitting the virus. Even if you think you are invulnerable to the virus, it’s not all about you, but rather doing the right thing and protecting other people too.

However, in the meantime, why not get into your music?

Young Franco – Juice (feat. Pell) [Official Video]

Joyner Lucas – Will (ADHD)