Lil Durk – Just Cause Y’All Waited 2

Now based in Atlanta, Lil Durk has released his latest mixtape with a nod to the auto-tune heavy drill music that saw him rise to fame from the streets of Chicago.

Durk reaches back to his hometown for guest spots from Polo G and G Herbo while also calling on Gunna and Lil Baby from his new Atlanta home city.

Durk has decided to release his 39-minute, 15-track set right now as he feels that quarantine gives him a captive audience:

“I think it’s just the best time because people are all ears. You see people on the Gram, you see people on Tik Tok. It’s the best time for streaming at this moment. People don’t realize that, when you go back outside, the world could be moving so fast that they might overlook your music if you drop.”

The album sees Lil Durk bring his street knowledge on cuts like the piano-blessed ‘Street Affection:’

Longstanding fans will certainly feel Durk’s auto-tuned up trap styles on cuts like ‘3 Headed Goat’ and the single ‘All Love:’

Lil Durk isn’t looking to extend his vision far on this collection (‘Gucci Gucci’) as he focuses on street chatter, materialism, and other well-traveled topics.

However, it is all about the authenticity with Durk, as he brings reports from the block with cuts like ‘Viral Moment:’

Coupling cold street talk with an emotive edge, 27-year-old Lil Durk brings a veteran’s edge to his swagger, which shows maturity creeping through amid the brags and sexualized flossing.

But don’t get it twisted, Lil Durk can still take matters straight back to the streets, such as with the uncompromising fire of ‘Chiraq Demons:’

Lil Durk may not be pushing his sound too far with this collection, but why fix something that isn’t broke?

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