just leave me alone – trechor boy


[prod. trechor boy]

just let my body slip right through to the edge of time
theres no more time
i never wanted to go back to this so badly
in my life before right now
the time and place and floating energy is so happy
can i make it last somehow?

~im wasting minutes
counting digits
on my fuckin phone~

i only ever leave my crib for the gas
u caught me staring at my walls a swear this shit doesn’t pass like
imma go ahead and make the call that i won’t be around in 2021 at all
cuz by the motherfuckin time i actually get help
i’ve probably gone ahead and blasted all my brains on the shelf
picture this: fast foward 5 years in time
when the vast majority forgot my name it’s a sign

shawty always tryna hit up my phone
and i always tell shawty just leave me alone
i said i dont know ya
i done told ya


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