#InternationalWomensDay – Rapper, Lexii Alijai’s Music Was A Blueprint For A Young Woman’s Soul


I wish I had heard of rapper/musician, Alexis Alijai Lynch AKA, Lexii Alijai sooner. The 21-year-old Minnesota native passed away from an accidental drug overdose on New Year’s Day but showed so much promise and was a beauty.

She came from a musical background and was the granddaughter of one of R &B’s elite musicians – Roger Troutman of Zapp. He made autotune famous long before rapper, T-Pain came along.

We often hear rappers do not have anything to say in their songs, and female rappers often rap about things that do not display themselves in the best light – but that was not the case for Lynch, her music IS a blueprint for all young women who find themselves needing to hear the truth — it is 100% relatable. I turned my teenage daughter onto her, and she agreed. I would even say her music can help a lot of older women, too!

Honestly, I did not think I was going to make it through her album – ‘Growing Pains,’ because I have not made it through an album in a long time, without feeling like it was a complete waste of time.

Check out a few of her songs below (and please know, NOT all songs are safe for work).

Miss Jackson is an ode to one of her ex’s mothers, where Alijai lets her know that she does not know how her son was acting – which led to the demise of their relationship. So, please don’t hate her for their breakup. A lot of times, we as parents think it is the other person who caused the relationship to end, but it may have been both parties. Love the truth and honesty here:


Love Me For Me, Alijai breaks down how a young woman’s relationship will likely turnout if she is not careful. It is a play-by-play of what a young lady should look out for when it comes to signs in a relationship. Hey, not just young women, but relationships in general.





Broken Telephone, discusses how communication can break in a relationship, how she was a rider for a guy who does not pick up the phone and call her anymore. She did everything that she could to support this person’s dreams, only to find out that it did not matter.



Hate U Again, she talks real-life about being in a relationship where it may be best to be friends. She has a love/hate relationship with this person and had to come to terms with it.




Well, these are just a few jewels from such a young talent whose life was cut short before she reached her pinnacle. Hopefully, her music will save the life of another young person—food for the soul at its best. Rest in peace, sweet Lexii, and thank you for teaching us ALL a lesson in life.

And, if you are old enough to remember her grandfather, Roger Troutman — here you go! One of his biggest hits with Zapp — ‘Computer Love.’

Photo credit: Lexii Alijai’s IG

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