goodwill (prod. oxy & kvma) – oxy


guitar by
thanks to for mixing advice
mixed & mastered by me

drive home a thousand miles just to see ur face
countin up many mistakes
i wanna jump in a wraith
don’t wanna be so high
here till the sunrise
stuck in ur hundai
think that we on fire
pickin ur sunflowers

either way it’s done
don’t think there is right way
seen it all like reruns
sprinting down the freeway
if there’s a problem i’m the cause of that
if there’s a chance would u call me back call me back

i don’t mind
i feel behind
take my time
both know we’re not far away
peace of mind
my fears went blind
ur too kind
you always make me wanna stay

drove home a thousand miles girl what’s on ur mind
calls still getting declined
none of my letters arrived
sharp like a cold shower
colorblind to ur red flags
step on my may flowers
i took a flight now i landed with jet lag

either way we’ll make time
i’ll get back like rewind
yeah yeah yeah i got see some dumb fire
dumb fire oh my god i can’t help but desire
get in the car let’s get lost following phone wires


It Gets Better (Prod. by Peter Fenn) – Brendan Bennett

i got the flu… from u (prod. deathnotes) – boofbbyヾ(☆▽☆)