G Perico – Ten-Eight

G Perico – Ten Eight

South Central rapper, G Perico has been making noise on the underground for a few years now and now he is back with a new 11-track project. Short at around 25-minutes, the album is still packed with quality, such as the break-out single, ‘Big Raccs’ featuring Sonny Digital:

Having hooked up with Roc Nation Records, it seems like he is ready to move to the next level of the game as he holds this collection down while also offering a little exposure to Bucho and AZ Chike.

 Dedicating his new album to 108th street, G Perico explained, “What I represent now came from days and nights of being right here, fighting right here. I’ve been shot right here. The police have come in and kicked in doors. This is all during the time that I was trying to become a successful musician, philosopher, entrepreneur, forward-thinker. This is where I did my first project, around the side. We built a studio right here. That’s where I did ‘Tha Innerprize.’ I was on bail, down the street hustling. There were shootings every day, it was crackin’. This is where the vision came about and we started cultivating it into something.”

Admitting that he has moved towards a more commercial feel, there is no doubting that G Perico is still staying true to his street rhymes, such as with ‘Dog Year:’

Production-wise, ‘Ten Eight’ keeps close to a vintage West Coast gangsta rap feel with tracks like ‘What’s Up’ and ‘Lil Baby:’

There is no doubt that G Perico has slightly moved his sound to a more pop-savvy style, but it works for him – such as on ‘Trust Nothing:’

But there is still enough ties to the vintage G Perico sound to keep this album on-point for his existing fans, such as with ‘Days Of Our Lives:’

Another strong release from one of the West Coast’s brightest young talents.

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