everything i touch turns 2 gold…… (p. blackwinterwells) *#OutOfLuck MARCH 17th* – kevinhilfiger


Why am I sweating,
Its not even hot in here
All this ringing makes me deaf babygirl its really hard to hear
Im recluse imma monster baby don’t come near
Hypnotize me baby whisper in my fucking ear
With our windows down riding slow so slow
If come around Imma be like ion know bro
watch me forever strike a pose and take a photo
never pulling up my whole life as a no show

Find the road slow
paint like van gogh
Got the pack up in my tube socks I aint never wearing no shows
She wanna take a photo
imma dip out babygirl ur moving too slow

eyes popping out my fucking skeleton
Pls don’t talk like u matter ur irrelevant
Cuff links soul clipped lookin like a gentleman
Smoking pressure gas pack smoking on adrenalin

ur portfolio fucked u a broke bitch
Smoking gas in the basement feeling hopeless
baby Whats the move what the approach is
goonncity pharmacist I’m mixing all my potions

Get ur throat slit
Leave me in the open
I was running fast now imm tryna find the road sis
Diving in the roses
Smoking good gas feel impulsive
Smoking on some potent
Rly leave me in the open
Fuck around and get ur throat slit
With the goonncity we just diving thru the roses

Turn it up some notches
Way to high to function
Gas pack in my lungs baby I feel like a zombie
Baby evil come out in the night she tryna haunt me
They gon find a new wave and ride it like a jockey
If u aint goonncity pls don’t cross your fingers u not one of us
All this pressure got me fucked up but I swear its not enough
Fucked up inna crib w coronavirus
U not me imma plus and ur a minus
Everything I touch turn to gold like I’m king Midas
In the elevator tell em take me to the highest



Ruuth – All My Friends – Ruuth