Did You Know (prod. ayodlo) – Hemlock


“Never fix the past tense wit out some expense, I’ll remain a kink in ya chain of events”

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I’m vibin you here fightin over number one
And forgotten to create whats never been done
I’m not bout that limelight I’m pops only son
Hope you got that rhyme right an I’m not the only one
Unless you blind sorry don’t know if I signed right
An middle finger to the sky peep it thru the twilight
An twinkle of a meteor watch bitch I shine bright
Imma star from afar crash when the times right
Did you know?
From the concrete I rose
Did you know?
Been high thru all the lows
Did you know?
Some love ends up fools gold
Did you know?
Ma stripped to buy me school clothes

Did you know I’ve been alone most life not to boast
Cuz my minds been a haunted house turns out Imma ghost
Dont think people care if they double tap ya post
Roles reversed we’re the machines programs became the host
Did you know?
You low on the totem pole
Did you know?
Metadata is the new soul
Did you know?
Privacy policies a loop hole
Did you know?
Another gwop in their bankroll
It’s the one percent that gains you cant even make a dent
Let alone pay ya rent in a world that makes no sense
Never fix the past tense wit out some expense
I’ll remain a kink in ya chain of events


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