Chief Keef – Extra Glo

Chicago rapper, Chief Keef is back with his latest project, the 5-track, 18-minute, ‘Extra Glo.’

Having broken out while a teenager, 25-year-old Keef has plenty of experience under his belt, so it is not too surprising to see just two tracks that he doesn’t hold down for himself, ‘Trojan’ and the expansive ‘Late For Dinner,’ which both feature the autotune-toting Tadoe.

The collection opens with ‘In The Closet,’ where Keef provides a checklist of items he has, including weed, drink, chains, cars, thugs, a mansion, and more:

Having shown his status, Keef brings some autotune tints, synth lines and a skittering drumline to ‘Trojan’ before ‘Arts & Crafts’ sees him darken matters down with a gruff flow:

The set also includes the previously released ‘Awesome:’

The collection ends with the 7-minute 32-second ‘Late 4 Dinner,’ which, given its length, seems to meander along:

This short sweetener should please Chief Keef’s existing fans but may not be enough to win many converts.

That said, we are really hoping for something a little longer to really show where Keef is today.

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