Bridgewater – GODZILLA (Momentum)

Bridgewater presents you with a relatable visual that is representative of the distorted internal struggle that many of us are faced with as you go through daily life. There are unexpected situations that can present themselves as massive with the capability to wreak havoc within all angles of our lives. The aftermath can  make you feel unworthy and ultimately disposable. Bridgewater shares their real life scenarios through their lyrics of the times this was their reality and how they have to frequently encourage themselves that problems can appear big, but in fact they are microscopic to God. The underlying theme is we are God’s treasure, and he values us.  They articulate that  he has been their “Momentum” and want to encourage others that he has a defined direction that has been put in place to benefit us even though we collided with problems that made us feel worthless. Their experience has taught them that can use what we view as “Godzilla” size issues paired with his speed to push you forward.

The overall energy of this song is without a doubt addictive, powerful, and masterfully mixed with original and spiritually sound lyrics that are intended to help you maintain your confidence in God no matter what you are presently facing.

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