book burner (prod discent) – Jackie Platinum


i swear to god this is the hardest thing ive ever wrote in my life
told steve we gonna make it one day
when the fuck did I lie
i got 20 bitches in 20 cities
they all screaming “alllllright”
and now its 4 deep
Mr Jackson Platinum
Mr. October all night
bad bitch want sleepover but il be sleeping by nine,yea Im too high
yea boy you fucked up and now you gon die for telling me all of these lies
i been going beast mode with these 3 hos and they sipping all on my wine
and I got 3 guns so dont freeze up cuzm im coming to blow out your mind
Im hurt now! fuck books they get burnt round me bitch know that im turnt now
when I get off that drank i get too fucked up to remember everything that i learned now
well babe im hurt now
so do your worst now
im standing right here
so hit my first now
ye, ye, tokd my boy to park outside
if he wanna die than he can die
cut his neck, we circumsize him
think I give a fuck bout dying?
you could be my dream girl in this mean world
howd you get so prestine girl
ive been living like a fiend girl
ive been living unclean girl
back up got my racks up got my thoughts up got my stacks up
guns up if you fuck up we gon blast up and thats facts uh
every song I write is still reminding me
me boys died, aint fine with me
I sip wine and finally my pain is just subsiding bitch

bitch boy wanna talk bot me on shit tracks but dont back it up
Ive been cooking that fresh ether, my bitch bad and she bag it up
you dont wanna become one of those cold bidoes im stacking up
theyve been acting like I won’t slap em, guess I aint been mad enough
guess I aint been bad enough
two shooters I aint talking rust
two losers who Im tryna bust
had enough of the funny stuff
fuck that, I aint making noise
but big knife gon take lifes of fake boys, no make noise I dont talk to these snakes no more


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